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My husband Alex and I have been married for 6 years. Before we got married, we dated for 3 years. We have always had what I would consider “good sex”, but not mind-blowing, amazing sex. Usually we do it missionary position and if it’s a special occasion we go down on each other, but that’s about as exciting as it gets. Our sex life has been needing to be spiced up for a while. Last week I came home from work early one day and walked in on my husband sitting at the computer stroking his cock!!!

I asked him what the hell he was doing. He seemed embarrassed and told me he was watching some XXX sex videos from porn tube, a site where people can upload their X-rated videos and post their adult stories. At first I was upset when I saw that my husband was jacking off for women on a computer; but when I glanced at the computer and saw two young females fondling each others breasts and kissing, I felt a little turned on. By this point, Alex had zipped up his pants and was apologizing profusely; I cut him off and told him not to apologize and that I wanted to watch this XXX erotic video with him. He looked both shocked and excited.

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I walked over to the computer chair and sat down on his lap. I was wearing a short skirt, a button-up blouse and high heels. Sitting on his lap, I grabbed his hands and directed them to my breasts and he fondled them over my shirt like the girls were doing in the XXX video we were watching. One of the girls in the sex video started fingering the other one, and I pulled up my shirt and directed my husband’s hand down to my pussy, rubbing his hand over my thong. I had never watched porn before and was getting really turned on by these girls. Alex slipped his fingers under my thong and started rubbing my clit in a circular motion and then slipped 2 fingers inside my pussy and started finger fucking me (read on Wikipedia what it is). I undid my blouse and got up, taking off my shirt and bra so I was just wearing my thong and high heels.

“Baby, you look so fucking sexy, like a porn star at xxx tube.” Alex said. I kneeled down and undid his pants and pulled out his large throbbing cock and put it in my mouth while he played with my tits. I could tell he was going to explode in my mouth if I kept sucking his dick and he told me he wanted to eat my pussy so I slid off my thong and we switched spots. The sluts in the video were eating each others pussies and fucking each other with vibrators by this point, and watching it just got me more and more wet. My husband said he couldn’t believe how wet I was; my cunt was like a faucet almost dripping with wetness. He went down on me and swirled his tongue gently around my clit, then licking my clit and slipping his fingers into me, pumping my vagina. “You like watching XXX videos, you dirty girl, don’t you?” he asked.

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“Mmm, yeah,” I moaned. I closed my eyes and pretended it was one of the girls in the XXX porn video licking and sucking on my pussy. Before long, neither of us could take it anymore. He sat down on the chair and I climbed on top of him, straddling him. His cock easily slid into my slick, wet pussy and I rode his big hard cock. After a couple of minutes, Alex said he wanted to fuck me from behind so we got up and I bent over the chair and he slid his dick into me and gave me a good hard fucking. The sex was by far the best sex me and Alex had up until this point in our marriage, and before long we both came.

We both collapsed in exhaustion and lay there on the floor, both sweaty and out of breath from the hot sex session we just had. “Hmm, maybe I should watch this free porn movie more often” said he. I told him I agreed and we should both watch it together because it really turned me on – I never thought porn would make me so horny. This was last week and since then we have had lots more amazing sex while watching these XXX sex videos at tube. It has totally spiced up our sex life and opened us up to all kinds of new and fun things in the bedroom.