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Why Forced Sex Comes Alive

I love sex. But I do not love all sex. When it is boring and predictable, it puts me off. I should confess now that I love sex stories when it is unexpected, even rough and forced on me. The best orgasms I have ever had were when the guy pulled my hair back, ripped off my panties and entered me without preamble. This obsession also explains why I love to watch forced sex online. They play well to my fantasies and always give me mind blowing orgasms just watching and imagining myself as the abused woman.

Forced Sex

The best forced sex experience I have ever had was a couple of years ago. The day will remain clearly etched on my mind for as long as I live. I only have to close my eyes and let my mind go back over that balmy Saturday afternoon and it all comes flowing back…

I was awakened by a persistent ringing of the front door bell. I wasn’t expecting visitors and I live all alone, so it was all perplexing. I was catching a nap and was all naked. Whoever was at the door was persistent and therefore I just grabbed a gown and descended the stairs as I buttoned up.

When I opened the door, there was a guy standing outside. Daniel was dressed as a handy man. And he was tall: about 6 foot 4 and heavily built. I could see the rippling muscles under his khaki shirt. He reminded me of Hank, a forced xxx porn star I love fantasizing about. I was so stunned by his appearance that I forgot to ask who he was. I looked up to his face and noticed he was similarly goggle eyed, looking at my big tits… Oh gosh! I had made my buttons all wrong and a nipple was showing through my gown!

I quickly tugged at my gown, but this did nothing to help. Instead, another button popped and now both tits were on display. If I was to make myself presentable, I would have to undo all my buttons and start all over again. I decided to let matters be.

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“Hello”, I finally managed to croak. “What do you want Mr…”

He had on a name tag but it was so rumpled I could not read clearly.

“…Tillman” he completed it for me. “We just received a call from this address that a boiler needed fixing.”

“Wrong address, I have not made such a call and I live alone.”

I was about to bang the door in his face when I noticed he had planted his heavy boot in the way.

“Not so fast ma’am” he said as he took a step further and stood towering over me. “You may not have a boiler for me to fix, but I will fix something here alright…”

With that, he hooked a hand on the top button that was still done on my gown and yanked. The rest of the buttons started popping. He was pulling me close and a scream was forming deep in my throat. Before I could do anything though, he had spun me round, cupped a hand over my mouth and closed the door with his foot as he propelled me forward.

He pushed me forward and I sprawled on my knees as I screamed in fear. But it was no help. He ripped off the last of my gown with brute force and turned me over. Daniel was going to fuck me right here on the floor. I tried to plead but by now he had his cock out and was forcing it down my throat. All ten inches of it. I was crying in fear but my heart was beating more in anticipation than trepidation. Holding my hair in a vice like grip at the back of my head, he started pumping, hitting the back of my throat and making me gargle.

He reached into his toolbox and came up with a rope. He forced me to sit on the floor and tied my hands and feet. He then ripped off a piece of my gown and stuffed it into my mouth. I could barely breath. Shedding off the rest of his clothing (he had already taken off boots and pants) he carried me into the living room and placed me on the couch.

He thrust two fingers into my pussy to test if I was ready. It wasn’t necessary. I had never been so wet. I was whimpering from anticipation, not fear as he thought.

I felt his cock tear into me. He was so big. Bigger than any man who had ever fucked me. I was already cumming. Trembling as my pussy clamped on his cock; tightening and relaxing rapidly. He pumped with a vengeance. I thought Daniel was going to tear me apart.

After what seemed like an eternity of forced sex, he turned me over. He jerked strings of cum on my face and forced me to lick him off.

He untied me and kissed me roughly.

Before he left, he shouted over his shoulder, “I will be back!!…”

He didn’t say when he would come back. He knew I enjoyed it. But I am still awaiting his return. For now I have to contend myself watching forced sex videos. They are as close to the real thing as you will find on the sex tube.