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The Sexiness of Big Ass Videos

Everyone has their own taste when it comes to what turns them on sexually. There are those that appreciate the petite, thin asian woman, with small breasts and tiny features, but then, for others, such as myself, we like our women with a bit more cushion for the pushing.

There’s something so erotic and exotic about reaching around and grabbing a set of big, natural tits, where the flesh spills over the palm of your hand and the softness makes you want to hold on for as long as you can, possibly while fucking in a doggy style position. But, the sweetest sight of all, what will really get the blood pumping directly to the dick, is when you have a beautiful booty staring you in the face, a bodacious derriere that’s full of fleshiness and just the right amount of jiggling and wiggling as each thrust is made from behind.

Not only does my personal taste go towards a chubby or, big booty girls, but, even when partaking in the viewing of free porn, my mouse always goes to big ass videos at Those lovely, hot babes with a few extra pounds, they’ll have my erection raging in no time and I cannot help but to unleash it from my boxer shorts and start to stroke the shaft that continues to grow with each minute of clips that play out in front of me.

With a set of full thighs, opening nice and wide for oral sex to be given, knowing there’s such warmth when those legs clamp around a man’s ear, it’s an experience unlike anything else. A stiffened tongue slides around a swollen clit, chewing on the meatiness of her labia, and all the while she’s squirming and saturating the sheets with her womanly juices of excitement.

Big Ass Videos

According to, it’s more than pleasurable to bring a woman to orgasm a few times, prior to the hardcore act itself, but, when it’s time to stretch her thick pussy lips with the head of my cock, I truly enjoy it when she’s open on her knees, that full fanny hoisted high into the air and me, taking aim while giving a playful spanking and using her rounded hips for lust filled leverage.

If you check my bookmarks and XXX movies on my computer, you’ll find most all of them have something to do with, big ass sex videos, I cannot keep my eyes off of those full figured women and the sexiness they bring to the screen. I want to be able to do more than just pinch an inch when it comes to the body weight of my woman, I want to feel the power of her stature meeting and greeting my hardness, taking me in deeper each time I lunge my hips forward for a deeper penetration, with the buffering of her bodacious pounds of pleasure, it’s going to have me cumming quickly.

I don’t mind if she doesn’t want my ejaculation inside of her, in fact, I’d rather wait until I’m almost there for an orgasm, and then pull my shaft free, grabbing it in my right hand, squeezing hard and stroking quickly for a few pumps and then watching my seed splash across the cheeks of her big butt, that is what will bring every drop from my balls each and every time.

There’s a definite sexiness to the plump rump, a turn on that can only be appreciated by someone that truly understands the female body, all of the joy and juiciness that can be bestowed upon another person, just because she’s curvy and cunning. When there’s enough to sink your teeth and your shaft into, without the fear that you’re going to break her if the hardcore excitement gets a little wild, it will truly show you what you’ve been missing. For additional information, please check these huge ass videos at